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A wiki dedicated to any alternate universes for the Mr. Men and Littles Misses franchise, including both the original series and books and the 2008 show. This can include AU concepts, crossovers, fan series, OCs and alternate versions of canon characters, fanfiction and episodes involving these AUs, any locations within these universes, and just about anything that isn't part of the official canon.

There are no rules here other than nothing offensive or obscene (since this is a kid-friendly wiki, nothing here should go above PG). Oh, and to be creative and have fun!

About Mr. Men

Mr. Men is a series of children's books created by English author Roger Hargreaves. In 2008 it spawned a British-American animated series entitled The Mr. Men Show, which aired for about a year before being cancelled.

Mr. Men is (c) to the Hargreaves family and Sanrio.

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